In celebration of NYCxDesign, Kin & Company and Asa Pingree have come together to produce and curate Inside/Out, the first and only bespoke installation focused on outdoor furniture during Design Week, hosted by The William Vale hotel.

Inside/Out aims to bring NYCxDesign to everyone with an installation that is free and open to guests and locals alike. Visitors can interact directly with the designs, moving through the park at their leisure of picnic at one of the most relaxing shows of the season.

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Photography by Chris Mottalini

About the Collaborations

I had the pleasure of working with two designers on separate designs for the Inside/Out show.

The first is a tubular chair with painted slats designed with my wife Hannah Bigeleisen. The PS Lounge Chair is inspired by linear possibilities with tubular construction contrasting with painted wooden slats. The slats and their painted patterns add differing dimensions to the frame as one moves around and interacts with the lounge.

The second design was done in collaboration with my good friend Kyle Mosholder of d’emploi. The folding stool was inspired by typical camping stools, and we wanted to elevate it to something that is a bit more refined and playful; the red ball foot motif is used as a repeat pattern in the leather sling that adorns the tubular steel frame.